Do you want to learn how to pop shove-it? Well then you have come to the right place because this step by step guide will show you how to complete the pop shove-it in just four easy steps!

But first let’s quickly go over what a pop shove-it actually is. A pop shove-it is a skateboarding trick that combines the shove-it with the pop of an ollie. The skateboard spins 180 degrees towards the backside of the skateboarder which is achieved by using the back foot to spin the board before landing back on the skateboard deck.

Now that you know what is required to complete a pop shove-it, it has probably become clear to you that you need to have mastered how to ollie before attempting this skateboard trick. If you still don’t know how to ollie, take a look at this step by step guide on how to ollie.

How To Pop Shuvit On A Skateboard
Pop Shove-It or (Pop Shuvit)

You might now be wondering what the difference is between a shove-it and pop shove-it, and whether you need to learn how to do a shove it first. Let’s go over the differences between these two skateboarding tricks first.

The difference between the shove-it (or shuvit) and the pop shove-it is of course the pop. In a pop shove-it, the skateboard pops into the air and spins around. In the shove-it, the skateboard does not pop but only spins.

So should you learn how to do a shove-it first? Not necessarily. But if you already know how to do a shove-it, the pop shove-it will absolutely be much easier for you to learn. However, some beginner skateboarders have a knack for picking things up quickly so it is not entirely essential to know how to do first.

The most important aspect of learning how to do a pop shove-it is to be completely comfortable riding your skateboard and know how to control your weight distribution.

The pop shove-it is one of the five skateboarding tricks every beginner should learn and probably the first trick that will require you to really commit. Once you know how to pop shove-it, you will be able to progress into learning multiple variations of it including the frontside, backside, fakie and nollie pop shove-it.

How To Pop Shove-It

Here are the four steps to completing a pop shove-it.

  1. Foot Position
  2. Ollie and Scoop
  3. Guide The Skateboard
  4. Catch and Land

1. Foot Position On Starting A Pop Shove-It

How To Pop Shove It

Foot position for a pop shove-it is basically the same as an ollie, however your back foot’s toes will be slightly hanging off your skateboard and will be used to force the tail down and then shove the skateboard around 180 degrees.

When completing this first step, be sure to look down and focus on one of the front bolts on your skateboard as this will help with keeping your balance.

2. Ollie And Scoop

The Ollie and Scoop is exactly what it sounds like. You need to perform a basic ollie and pop the tail of the board, then scoop it around with your back foot, all at the same time. This will initiate the spin of the skateboard.

Timing is very important to ensure you pop and spin your skateboard exactly 180 degrees. If you spin too fast, your skateboard may go further than 180 degrees, and if you spin too slow your skateboard may not complete the whole 180 degrees.

3. Guide The Skateboard

How To Pop Shove-It On A Skateboard

Now use your back foot to guide your skateboard around 180 degrees. As the skateboard comes around, keep your feet clear to allow it space to turn.

Most of the time it is quite easy to keep your front foot clear of the skateboard as this usually occurs naturally. However, you may need to focus on keeping your back foot clear of the skateboard during the spin as it is more likely to get in the way.

4. Catch And Land The Pop Shove-It

As the skateboard comes around but just before it gets to 180 degrees, you need to catch the skateboard with your front foot followed by your back foot. Once you have caught the skateboard in the air with both feet it is time to land.

When landing any skateboard trick it is important to slightly bend your knees because this will absorb the shock which not only helps to prevent injuries, but also helps to stabilize.

Tips To Help You With Your Pop Shove-It

Are you having trouble catching the skateboard? Or is your skateboard landing in front of you? These are both common issues you may encounter when learning how to pop shove-it. Make sure that when you rotate the board underneath you, that you do not push the board away from yourself as this will make the skateboard hard to catch. Also focus on keeping your center of gravity over the skateboard and visualize yourself landing the trick. And as always, remember to commit.

Did You Have Success With Learning How To Pop Shove-It?

Hopefully now you can celebrate landing your first pop shove-it! Just remember skateboarding takes a lot of practice so do not give up!! Leave us a comment below telling us about your progress and success with the pop shove-it.

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