If you are a beginner skateboarder then you are probably trying to learn some basic skateboard tricks. There are lots of skateboarding tricks out there to learn however these five tricks are the ones you should try to learn first after you have the basic concept of skateboarding down.

What are the basic concepts of skateboarding you ask? Before learning these five skate tricks you should be comfortable on your skateboard and be able to push, ride forwards and backwards, turn and tic tac without falling off. Being able to do these basic moves with ease will help to ensure your success with these beginner skate tricks.

The beginner skateboarding tricks mentioned below are precursors to other skate tricks or are a part of more advanced tricks so mastering them first will help you progress your skateboarding to the next level.

These five skate tricks which vary in difficulty and technique may come easier for some than others, but like most things, practice makes perfect! Take the time to perfect these skate tricks and remember to never give up no matter what.

5 Beginner Skateboard Tricks

The Ollie

The ollie is the most important trick you can learn on a skateboard. Although the ollie is one of the most basic tricks, it is essential for progressing into just about all other tricks on a skateboard.

Learning how to ollie properly feels great and you can also make your ollie’s look even cooler by doing them boned out. A boned out ollie is where the front of your skateboard dips down and your front foot does a karate kick while your back foot flattens out. Learn how to ollie.

Beginner Skate Tricks
Regular Ollie
Skateboard Tricks For Beginners
Boned Out Ollie

The Pop Shove It

The Pop Shove It is a skateboarding trick that combines a ‘Shove It’ with the pop of an ollie. The skateboard spins 180 degrees towards the backside of the skater using the back foot to achieve the spin, before landing back on the skateboard.

The Pop Shove It can be done frontside or backside. A frontside Pop Shove It spins to the right if you are regular footed or to the left if you are goofy footed. A backside Pop Shove It spins to the left for a regular footed skater and spins to the right if you are a goofy skater.

The Pop Shove It is probably the first skate trick that will require you to really commit but once you have this trick down you will be able to handle more intermediate level skate tricks. Learn how to Pop Shove It.

5 Skateboard Tricks For Beginners
Pop Shove It
Beginner Skate Tricks
Pop Shove It

Frontside & Backside 180

A 180 is an ollie combined with rotating yourself and your skateboard 180 degrees and land riding backwards which is also called “fakie”. The 180 can be done frontside which is where the front of your body will face forward when rotating, or backside where the back of your body will face forward while performing the rotation.

The 180 is an important trick to learn and once you do learn it you will be able to combine other tricks to it such as a kickflip which would become a frontside flip or a backside flip. Watch this video tutorial to learn how to 180.

Beginner Skateboard Tricks
Frontside 180
Beginner Skateboarding Tricks
Backside 180

The Kickflip

The kickflip is the most technical of the skate tricks listed above. The Kickflip is where you combine an ollie with flipping the skateboard 360 degrees along the axis that extends from the nose to the tail.

If you are a regular footed skateboarder you flip the board to the left with your left foot, and if you are goofy you flip the board to the right with your right foot.

The Kickflip is all about timing and committing to the landing without hesitation. You can check out this kickflip tutorial video to learn how to kickflip.

Beginner Skate Tricks - Kickflip
Beginner Skate Tricks - Kickflip


The Manual & Nose Manual

A manual is basically popping a wheelie on your skateboard. To manual, lift up the front of your skateboard so that you are riding only on the back two wheels for as long as you can.

A nose manual is the same as a regular manual however your front foot is on the front of your skateboard and you lift up the back of the skateboard (so basically you do a nose wheelie).

Manuals are a fun trick that you can incorporate into a line at the skatepark or in the streets. To succeed at manuals you must have excellent balance and coordination. If you want to learn more about manuals check out how to manual on a skateboard.

Skateboard Tricks For Beginners
Nose Manual
Skateboard Tricks For Beginners
Regular Manual

WATCH THE VIDEO: Beginner Tricks For Skateboarders


Have you got these 5 beginner skate tricks on lock? Leave us a comment below if you have any questions or need some guidance with a particular trick.

If you master these 5 skate tricks your skateboarding is likely to progress immensely. Learning new skate tricks takes a lot of time and effort but it will pay off in the end. Keep shredding!

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