Utah is slowly growing it’s arsenal of skateparks from modern street plaza’s to traditional bowls. We have gone ahead and rounded up the best skateparks in Utah for your convenience. Even though there are around sixty skateparks across the entire state, unfortunately a lot of them were poorly built and have outdated designs.

Due to the rise in popularity of skateboarding in recent times there has been a change in the minds of those in power and the state has started to see some high quality skateparks being built. This is awesome news for the skateboarding community in Utah and skateboarders in general.

Skatepark construction companies like Spohn Ranch and American Ramp Company have constructed some awesome skateparks in Utah such as Lehi and Kanab. Find out what other skateparks made the list and then go and enjoy them for yourself.

The Best Skateparks In Utah

West Valley Skatepark

West Valley Skatepark in Utah
West Valley Skatepark in Utah

West Valley Skatepark is big and I mean 31,000 square feet big! I have no idea who built this mega skatepark but whoever they are did a very nice job. There is plenty of transition that includes a giant snake run, bowl, arch way, and quarter pipes at every turn.

Street skaters were not forgotten about either; there are ledges everywhere, rails, stairs, banks and more. Rumor has it that this is the biggest skatepark in Utah!

Hours: 6am – 10pm every day
 3189 S 5600 W, West Valley City, UT 84128

Wasatch County Skatepark

Wasatch County Skatepark
Wasatch County Skatepark in Utah

Wasatch County Skatepark also known as “Heber Skatepark” is 20,000 square feet and was built and designed by Wally Hollyday in 2008. This skatepark features some bad ass bowls including big bowls, medium bowls, small bowls, a vert wall, and a spine.

Street skaters don’t fret because it’s not all transition, there are plenty of street obstacles such as ledges, hubbas, rails, stairs and banks. Wasatch is a decent size skatepark with lots of flow and can be enjoyed by all levels of skateboarders.

Hours: 6am – 11pm every day
 58 W Midway Ln Heber City UT 84032

Unity Park Skatepark

Unity Skatepark in Utah
Unity Skatepark in Utah

Unity Skatepark is a beautiful skatepark designed by Spohn Ranch and is located in Ivins, Utah. The 8,000 square foot skatepark is designed very well and has everything you could want in a skatepark.

There is a flow bowl with a deep and shallow end, bump to flat bar with a ledge and manual pad, various other ledges, down rails, hubbas, euro gap, stairs, quarter pipes, bank to ledge, and a pole jam! Yep, it is the perfect little skatepark for all levels of skateboarders and you will want skate it all day long. You can’t beat the views and incredible location either.

Hours: 6am – 8pm every day
 200 W 400 S, Ivins, UT 84738

Provo Skatepark

Best Skateparks in Utah
Provo Skatepark in Utah

Provo Skatepark is a modern style street plaza that is around 23,000 square feet. The design incorporates garden beds with skatable obstacles such as banks, walls and quarter pipes, and even a skate path with a launch ramp to ramp thing (it’s pretty cool).

You will find plenty of ledges from curved, A-frame, bench, hubba and manual pads throughout the park and also some nice rails and flat bars. There is a good amount of space for all levels of skateboarders to do their thing here.

Hours: 24/7
 West 650 North Street Provo, UT 84601

Lehi Skatepark

Lehi Skatepark in Utah
Lehi Skatepark in Utah

Lehi Skatepark is a nice and new 11,000 square foot skatepark built and designed by Spohn Ranch in 2017. This is a really cool skatepark with two bowls and a massive street section.

There is a big triangle shaped bank in the middle with a manual pad off the side, a stair set with a rail, down ledge, speed bumps, A-frame rail, flat bar, more ledges, and quarter pipes. The concrete is smooth, fast, and ready for you to shred whether you are a beginner or professional.

Hours: 7:30am – 9pm every day
 2000 W 2100 N Lehi UT 84043

Kearns Skatepark

Best Skateparks in Utah - Kearns Skatepark
Kearns Skatepark in Utah

Kearns is a 28,000 square foot skatepark designed by Site Design Group. The skatepark has a large 6 – 9 foot clover bowl but is mostly street inspired with multiple ledges, benches, stairs, rails, step-ups and banks.

There is something special about this skatepark though and that is there are two famous street skating spots that have been replicated. The first one is the Pier 7 block from San Francisco and the second is the Macba Gap from Barcelona, Spain. It’s a really cool skatepark that all types of skateboarders can appreciate.

Hours: 7am – 9pm every day
 5850 S 4800 W Kearns UT 84118

Herriman Skatepark

Best Skateparks in Utah - Herriman Skatepark
Herriman Skatepark in Utah

Herriman Skatepark is a 25,000 square foot skatepark with a mix of features both street and transition. There are two bowls; one is a 10 foot clover and a flow section, followed by several street obstacles such as stair sets, hubbas, quarter pipe, rails, ledges, manual pads, euro gap, and a pole jam.

Rumor has it the scooter kids are all over this skatepark so beware of getting cut-off or colliding with one. It’s still a great skatepark for all types of skateboarders.

Hours: 7am – 10pm every day
 5900 13400 S Herriman UT 84096

Vans Skatepark

Best Skateparks in Utah - Vans Skatepark
Vans Skatepark in Utah

The Vans Utah Sports Commission Skatepark is located at the Utah State Fairpark in Salt Lake City. This state of the art skatepark was built to host the Vans Park Series competition and is open to the public free of charge. If you like to skate transition then this is your kind of park and it is as good as it gets! Full pads and a helmet are required to skate here.

Hours: 8am – 10pm every day
 155 1000 W, Salt Lake City, UT 84116

Kanab Skatepark

Kanab Skatepark in Utah
Best Skateparks in Utah

Kanab Skatepark is a newer skatepark built by the American Ramp Company. The design is really cool as it incorporates a pump track around it. The skatepark features a nice bowl along with super fun street obstacles such as ledges, rails and bank ramps. It has really good flow and is great for all types and levels of skateboarders. Also, it is lit up until 10pm every night!

Hours: 6am – 10pm every day
 358-374 N Main St, Kanab, UT 84741

Daybreak Sculpture Garden Skatepark

Best Skateparks in Utah
Best Skateparks in Utah

Skateable pieces of art are spread along two paths in a Utah neighborhood to make up Daybreak Sculpture Garden Skatepark. There are wave like obstacles, a ledge with a bank, a curved bank and two volcanoes. This skatepark can be enjoyed not only by skateboarders but the whole community because it is a very appealing piece of art containing beautiful sculptures. It’s a win win!

Hours: sunrise – sunset
Address: 4513 Dorena Ln, South Jordan, UT 84095


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