New York City has been a popular skateboarding city for many years and the best skateparks in NYC can be found throughout the five boroughs. Some of these skateparks (LES skatepark in particular) have become famous with skateboarders from all around the world not only due to their designs but also because professional skateboarders regularly shred at most of them and share the locations on social media.

The big apple also has a big street skating scene but luckily for local street skaters they can resort to some fantastic skateparks once they get fed up with security guards kicking them out of public areas or have had enough of dealing with the busy foot and car traffic. Not only do skateboarders have a ton of options in NYC, but they also have skateparks in Brooklyn to choose from too.

Local skateboarder and owner of 5Boro Skateboards Steve Rodriguez has become the unofficial skatepark ambassador for NYC skateboarders. He has helped several skateparks get built in the city by working with the parks and recreation department explaining the importance of skateparks in the community and by helping with the design process.

Best Skateparks In New York City

LES Skatepark

Best Skateparks in NYC
Best Skateparks in NYC

Lower East Side Skatepark otherwise known as “LES” is likely the most popular skatepark in New York City. It was built by California Skateparks and has one of the most unique designs of street obstacles known to man. There are ledges of all sizes and shapes, floating bank to banks with rails and manual pads all-in-one, gaps, rails, stairs, hubbas, benches, hips and quarter pipes.

You really have to see and skate this place to appreciate how unique and cool it really is. Pros and local rippers frequent LES daily so you will see some crazy lines and amazing skateboarding here.

Hours: Everyday, sunrise – sunset
62 Monroe St &, Pike St, NYC

Labor Skateboard Shop 0.3 miles – 46 Canal St, NYC
Jin Mei Dumpling 0.3 miles – 25B Henry St B, NYC
Bubbly Tea 0.6 miles – 55 Bayard St, NYC

Tribeca Skatepark

Best Skateparks in NYC
Best Skateparks in NYC

Tribeca is an 8,800 square foot skatepark designed and built by California Skateparks. It is purely street inspired and features a variety of obstacles such as multiple stair sets, rails, hubbas, all sizes of ledges, manual pads, and a bank to bank gap. This is an extremely fun skatepark although it can get quite busy and hard to skate at certain times of the day but other than that it’s great! You’ll find it right beside the Hudson River.

Hours: Everyday, 8am – 6pm
100 N Moore St, NYC

Battery Park City Gourmet Market 0.2 miles – 450 North End Ave # 10282, NYC
Laughing Man Cafe 0.4 miles – 184 Duane St, NYC
Jack’s Stir Brew Coffee 0.5 miles – 2 6th Ave, NYC

Pier 62 (Chelsea) Skatepark

If you are a transition skater you will love Pier 62 Skatepark. This 15,000 square foot skatepark has a pool with three sections, a 10 foot vert deep end, a 6/12 foot pocket, and a 6 foot shallow end. The flow zone has banks, hips and an over vert clam shell. As for street obstacles there is a 2 foot wedge down ledge, 3 foot box, 24 foot ledge, stair set, and a handrail. You can find Pier 62 skatepark two miles north of Tribeca.

Hours: Everyday, 8am – 6pm
143 11th Ave, NYC

The High Line 0.3 miles – NYC
High Line Observation Deck 0.5 miles – 456 High Line, NYC
Intelligentsia Coffee Highline Coffeebar 0.4 miles – High Line Hotel 180 10th Ave at, W 20th St, NYC

Kelly Park Skatepark

Best Skateparks in NYC
Best Skateparks in NYC

An absolute gem in the Bronx is Kelly Park Skatepark or “Playground 52 LII”. This is a 4,000 square foot street plaza so some may categorize it as a ‘mini’ skatepark, but don’t be fooled because it has everything you need to have a fun session.

There are two banks at one end and a quarter pipe at the other to help you flow into the street obstacles that include various ledges, manual pads, rails, and A-frame gap. This is a small but definitely satisfying skatepark.

Hours: Everyday, 7am – 6pm
681 Kelly St, The Bronx, NYC

Kally Deli Grocery 200ft – 675-669 Kelly St The Bronx NYC
Kennedy Fried Chicken 0.2 miles – 973 Leggett Ave, The Bronx, NYC
Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen 0.3 mile – 845 E 149th St, The Bronx, NYC

Riverside Skatepark

Best Skateparks in NYC
Best Skateparks in NYC

Riverside Skatepark is the newest addition to New York City’s upper westside. It was designed and built by California Skateparks however the 11 foot bowl is still under construction. The street plaza is open though for shredding and the obstacles include a variety of ledges, rails, bank to wallride, manual pads, stairs, and a perfect mini ramp halfpipe. This is a great skatepark for all levels of skateboarders and the location is pretty cool too.

Hours: Everyday, sunrise -sunset
Riverside Dr &, W 108th St, New York, NYC

Champion Bicycles and Skateboards 0.4 miles – 896 Amsterdam Ave, NYC 10025
Starbucks 0.4 miles – 2929 Broadway, NYC
Absolute Bagels 0.1 miles – 2788 Broadway, NYC

Thomas Jefferson (East Harlem) Skatepark

Best Skateparks in NYC
Best Skateparks in NYC

Thomas Jefferson is a street inspired skatepark located in east Harlem. There are several ledges including hubbas and A-frames, rails, banks, hips, gaps, manual pads, benches and a nice mini ramp. It is not a huge skatepark but it has a good amount of features that are sure to please your skateboarding needs.

Hours: Everyday, 7am – 10pm
East 114th Street and the FDR Drive Thomas Jefferson Park, NYC

Costco Wholesale 0.3 miles – 517 E 117th St, NYC
Patsy’s Pizzeria 0.3 miles – 2287 1st Avenue, NYC
Love Cafe 0.1 miles – 283 Pleasant Ave, NYC

Hamilton Bridge (181) Skatepark

Best Skateparks in NYC
Best Skateparks in NYC

Hamilton Bridge Skatepark also known as “181” is located at Highbridge Park in Washington Heights, right under the Alexander Hamilton Bridge. It is off the 181st stop on the 1 train. The skatepark is built on a downward slope with two levels of street obstacles that consist of stairs, hubbas, handrails, a volcano, banks, and brick banks. The other section has ledges down a narrow path and then a bank with more ledges underneath the bridge.

Hours: Everyday, 6am – 8pm
2401 Amsterdam Avenue Highbridge Park, 7349, NYC

Little Caesars Pizza 0.5 miles – 1332 St Nicholas Ave ST, NYC
Miriam’s Cafe 0.5 miles – 2404 Amsterdam Ave, NYC
Nelly’s Chicken Pizza 0.5 miles – 2236 Amsterdam Ave, NYC

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