The city of Tampa sits along Florida’s Gulf Coast and is known for historic neighborhoods, amusement parks, museums, as well as excellent dining and nightlife. Most importantly, Tampa is home to some great skateparks that will have anyone from a beginner to an expert rider extremely stoked.

The skatepark scene has deep roots in Tampa with the first ever public skatepark in the state of Florida opening here back in 1979. Skateparks have come a long way since then and Tampa’s new modern facilities offer everything from bowls and half pipes to street courses with stairs, rails, and perfect ledges.

This tropical palm tree infested paradise is waiting for you to come and get your shred on!

Best Skateparks In Tampa, Florida

Bro Bowl Skatepark

Bro Bowl was the first ever public skatepark built in Florida. It opened in 1979 and was free to use unlike other skateparks during that time which were profit driven private facilities. Bro Bowl is also the first skatepark to be listed on any national registry of historic sites. As you’ll notice upon visiting though, the original skatepark no longer exists here apart from some relics amongst the palm trees.

The new Bro Bowl is 17,000 square feet and was constructed by Team Pain. It pays homage to the old one with an open-style bowl that includes humps and bumps similar to the original.

The addition of a street course makes it a great all-round skatepark. There are a variety of ledges, rails, gaps, stairs, and bank ramps. There is also a decent amount of open flat ground perfect for beginners to practice tricks.

Hours: 7am – 10pm
Address: 1200 N Orange Ave, Tampa, FL

Tampa Community Skatepark

Tampa Community Skatepark is just over 14,000 square feet. It has a great mix of features including a five and seven-foot bowl combo with steel coping, pool coping, extensions, and pockets. The street section consists of a stair set, various types of ledges, banks, a vert wall, rails, an A-frame, quarter pipes, and more.

The rule at this skatepark is skateboards and inline skates only. No bikes or scooters please! You must also sign a wavier and wear a helmet.

Hours: 8:30am – 6pm
Address: 17302 Commerce Park Blvd, Tampa, FL 

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Skatepark Of Tampa Skatepark

Skatepark Of Tampa which officially opened to the public on January 2 1993, has played a huge role in the Florida skate scene. This skateboarding facility holds the annual ‘Tampa Pro’ skate contest which is kind of a big deal in the professional skateboarding world.

The street-style skatepark is indoors and made entirely from wood. The layout has been changed many times over the years. It usually consists of ledges, rails, gaps, stairs, quarter pipes, and bank ramps. There is also an outdoor concrete bowl will hips, bumps, pool coping, and a doorway if you are game! Skatepark Of Tampa has a fully-stocked skate shop onsite offering all the skate gear you could ever need from the industries best brands.

There is a fee to skate here but it is very reasonably priced. Non-members will pay $8 Monday to Thursday and $10 Friday to Sunday.

Hours: Mon – Fri (9am – 8pm) Sat – Sun (10am – 8pm)
Address: 4215 E Columbus Dr, Tampa, FL

Jackson Springs Skatepark

Jackson Springs Skatepark is 13,000 square feet and sports a mix of street and transition. This skatepark is shaped somewhat like a ‘V’ and has a ditch-like feel to it which was requested by the local skateboarding community in the design process. There is also a snake-run style bowl, key hole, mini ramp, granite ledges, manual pad, rails, banks, quarter pipes, and kicker ramps.

Hours: 10am – 9pm (Sun) 12pm -6pm
Address: 8620 Jackson Springs Rd, Tampa, FL

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