Ever wonder who are the best skatepark builders in the USA? Awesome skateparks are being designed and built in towns and cities all over the United States at a rate that is putting a smile on every skateboarders dial. But who builds these skateparks? Who are these heroes pouring endless concrete and working so hard to make these wonderful skatepark designs and builds happen?

If you would like to know who these professionals are that make dreams come true for skateboarders around the country, check out this list of the top skatepark designers and builders below. Their extensive knowledge and experience in the field has truly made a difference in the progression of the skate industry.

Best Skatepark Builders & Designers In The USA

Spohn Ranch Skateparks

Spohn Ranch Skateparks was started by Aaron Spohn thirty years ago after he built a halfpipe in his own backyard. This skatepark design and building company consists of highly skilled craftsmen including landscape designers, iron workers, grading wizards and ACI-certified shotcrete nozzlemen who have now built skateparks in over forty U.S. states!

These skatepark builders pride themselves on dedication to detail and architectural finesse and this shows in the skateparks they are building. Their skatepark designs are state of the art and I personally feel they are partly responsible for the progression of skateboarding over the last few years.

From perfect street plazas to bad ass bowls, Spohn Ranch are doing it right. Check out some of their skateparks such as Clarkdale Skatepark, Castaic Skatepark, Copper Sky Skatepark, Cooper Skatepark Page Skatepark and Lehi Skatepark.

Cooper Street Skatepark in Brooklyn
Cooper Skatepark in Brooklyn, New York
Best Skatepark Builders & Designers In The USA - Clarksdale Skatepark in Hawaiian Gardens
Clarkdale Skatepark, Hawaiian Gardens, California

California Skateparks

California Skateparks are held at a very high standard and so they should be. The building company crew includes professional skateboarders, landscape architects, civil and structural engineering experts, along with master builders who have built skateparks all over the USA.

These guys have built several Street League, Dew Tour, and Vans Park series skateparks. Their skateparks are progressive and modern in design, and are built to perfection no matter if it’s a street plaza or bowl. Here are some of the skateparks they have designed and built: Tinnel Memorial Skatepark, Stoner Skate Plaza, Lake Cunningham and Maloof Skatepark.

Best Skatepark Builders - Tinnel Memorial Skatepark in Lake Havasu
Tinnel Memorial Skatepark in Lake Havasu, Arizona
Lake Cunningham Skatepark in San Jose
Lake Cunningham Skatepark in San Jose, California

Grindline Skateparks

Grindline Skateparks specialize in cast in place concrete construction. Their crew are highly skilled in shotcrete, flat work, masonry, and carpentry techniques, specific to building skatepark architecture. They are a core skatepark design and building company run by skateboarders.

Gridline build all types of skateparks from vert bowls and transition, to modern street plazas, and everything in between. Some of Grindline’s skateparks include Tom Erlebach Skatepark, Rhodes Skatepark, Jeanette Taylor Skatepark and Leavenworth Skatepark.

Rhodes Skatepark in Boise Idaho
Rhodes Skatepark in Boise, Idaho
Best Skatepark Builders In The USA - Jeannette Taylor Skatepark Richland Washington
Jeanette Taylor Skatepark in Richland, Washington

Dreamland Skateparks

Dreamland Skateparks have been one of the best skatepark builders and designers for the past twenty-six years! Their crew consists of talented skateboarders, architects, and concrete craftsmen. Dreamland is an Oregon based company and have built a big portfolio of skateparks around the USA.

The owner of this skatepark design and building company (Mark Scott) is a skate rat through and through offering his time and donating materials to the Burnside Skatepark build since back in 1990. Mark is in the trenches with his crew on every skatepark they build which says a lot.

Check out some of Dreamland’s skateparks such as Battle Ground Skatepark, Hood River Skatepark, Washington Jefferson, Middleton Skatepark and Hailey Skatepark.

Best Skatepark Builders & Designers In The USA - WJ Skatepark In Eugene, Oregon
Washington Jefferson Skatepark in Eugene, Oregon
Best Skatepark Builders & Designers In The USA - Hailey Skatepark In Idaho
Hailey Skatepark in Hailey, Idaho

Evergreen Skateparks

Evergreen Skateparks is a family run company started by Billy and Catherine Coulon from Portland Oregon. This skatepark design and build company has proven themselves to be world class. Evergreen Skateparks won the 2017 award for Most Innovative Concrete Project in the State of Michigan, and for ‘Thunder Park’ on the Blackfeet Reservation in Browning, Montana.

Evergreen’s mission is to build innovative skateparks for skateboarders of all abilities and I believe they are succeeding with their mission. Take a look at some of their awesome skateparks which include Coeur d’Alene Skatepark, Milliken Skatepark and Cashmere Skatepark.

Best Skatepark Builder's In The USA -Coeur d'Alene Skatepark In Idaho
Coeur d’Alene Skatepark in Idaho
Best Skateparks In Colorado
Milliken Skatepark in Colorado

Team Pain Skateparks

Team Pain Skateparks is based in Florida and they have over thirty years of experience designing and building skateparks. This skatepark design and building company is comprised of experienced skaters with a passion for skateboarding coupled with the modern design principles and unrivaled craftsmanship held by each member. They specialize in the designing and building of all types of concrete and indoor wooden skateparks.

Team Pain have won a variety of awards and even made the cover of Thrasher Magazine’s July 2018 issue. Some of their skatepark builds include Arvada Skatepark and Breckenridge Skatepark.

Best Skatepark Builder's In The USA -Arvada Skatepark
Arvada Skatepark in Colorado
Best Skatepark Builder's In The USA - Breckenridge Skatepark
Breckenridge Skatepark in Colorado

New Line Skateparks

New Line Skateparks has over eighteen years of experience as a full service skatepark design and building construction company. They have completed a whopping three hundred projects worldwide! I think it is safe to say these guys are very experienced in designing and building skateparks.

New Line incorporate locally inspired art and sculpture into their urban plazas and use connections to surrounding amenities in their designs. They pride themselves on implementing sustainable development principles and try to create inviting viewing and socializing areas in every build.

The company actually designed and built Rob Dyrdek’s fantasy factory and many other skateparks such as Soma Skatepark and Ed Benedict Plaza to name a few.

Best Skatepark Builder's In The USA - Soma West Skatepark Northern California Skateparks
Soma West Skatepark in San Francisco, California
Best Skatepark Builder's In The USA
Ed Benedict Skatepark in Portland, Oregon


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