Los Angeles is leading the charge with the best skate plazas on offer for skateboarders in California. Skate plazas have become a staple style skatepark over the years due to the popularity of street skating and Street League Skateboarding. If you are looking for the best skate plazas in Los Angeles this list is for you!

So what is a skate plaza? A skate plaza consists of street inspired features such as ledges, hubba ledges, manual pads, benches, hand rails, stair sets, banks and other architectural obstacles that are skatable. Skate plazas incorporate natural features into them such as garden beds with trees and plants making them feel like an actual street skating spot.

The Best Skate Plazas In Los Angeles

West LA Courthouse Skate Plaza

The West LA Courthouse is likely the most iconic and first skate plaza in Los Angeles. In the 90’s it was illegal to ride a skateboard on courthouse property but skateboarders couldn’t resist the perfect ledges that were on offer. Nike SB actually purchased the courthouse plaza in 2014 and now it’s a legal and legit skate spot. Pro skateboarders frequent the Courthouse all the time so keep a lookout.

Hours: 24/7 every day
 1633 Purdue Ave, Los Angeles

Sheldon Skate Plaza

Sheldon Skatepark is a 25,000 square foot skate plaza built by California Skateparks in 2014. The skatepark features a large central plaza with stair sets, rails, hubbas, ledges, a-frame, and a volcano. The skatepark is designed in two wings that help skaters flow from one end to the other. This skate plaza is most definitely worth visiting!

Hours: 7am – 8pm
 12511 Sheldon St, Sun Valley

Stoner Skate Plaza

Stoner Skate Plaza is a 26,500 square foot skate plaza constructed by California Skateparks in 2010. Stoner Skate Plaza is everything you want and need in a skate plaza from the granite ledges to perfect manual pads.

Many of the features at Stoner Skate Plaza are inspired from previous skate spots that no longer exist or can not be skated anymore. Pro skateboarders frequent this place regularly so be on the lookout.

Hours: 10am – 7pm
 1835 Stoner Ave, Los Angeles

El Sereno Skatepark

El Sereno Skatepark is a 12,000 square foot skate plaza designed by California Skateparks in 2019. The skate plaza features a variety of hubbas, manual pads, stair sets, rails, blocks, euro gap, A-frame, and flat banks. El Sereno skatepark’s modern design is a street skaters dream! And don’t be surprised if you see your favorite pro killing some lines here.

Hours: 8am – 10pm
 Klamath St, Los Angeles

La Fayette Skate Plaza

La Fayette Skate Plaza is 10,000 square feet and was built by California Skateparks in 2008. It features a variety of street obstacles such as ledges, rails, hubba, manual pads and some other unique skatable blocks. The skate plaza is located at Lafayette Recreational Center.

Hours: 24/7
 2800 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles

Jackie Tatum Skate Plaza

Jackie Tatum Skate Plaza also known as (Harvard Skate Plaza) was built by California Skateparks back in 2011. The skate plaza is 10,000 square feet and is loaded with street features such as ledges, manual pads, hubba, banks, gaps, rails and plenty of flat ground. Jackie Tatum Skate Plaza is located in Harvard Park.

Hours: 7am – 12pm
 1452 W 61st St, Los Angeles

Diamond Skate Plaza (Hazard Skate Plaza)

Diamond Skate Plaza is a 10,000 square foot skate plaza built in 2014. It features a China bank, keyhole bank, multiple other banks, rails, and a seven stair. Diamond Skate Plaza is a popular spot and can get pretty crowded. If you are lucky enough to hit it on a quiet day you will enjoy this well designed skate plaza.

Hours: sunrise to sunset
 2230 Norfolk St, Los Angeles

Westchester Skate Plaza

Westchester Skate Plaza is 13,000 square feet of concrete genius. The skate plaza features stair sets, rails, banks, kickers, ledges, manual pads and hubbas. There is something about the simple design and flow of this skate plaza that makes it appealing, so much so you are likely to see local pro skateboarders warming up here regularly.

Hours: 5am – 10:30pm
7200 W Manchester Ave, Los Angeles

Marc Johnson Skate Plaza

Marc Johnson Skate Plaza is small but packed with a bunch of street features including a 5 stair with hubba and rail, ledges, manual pads, banks, curved ledge, bench and some nice kickers. This skate plaza is totally worth checking out.

Hours: unknown
 1235 W 170th St, Gardena

Charmette Bonpua Skate Plaza

Charmette Bonpua Skate Plaza is a Rob Drydek “safe skate spot skatepark” in Crenshaw. The skate plaza features stairs, ledges, rails, banks, manual pad and hubbas. It’s worth checking out if you are nearby.

Hours: 9am – 9pm
 5001 Obama Blvd, Los Angeles

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