Are you thinking about hoping on a skateboard and having the most fun you can on four wheels but you are still on the fence? Well stop whatever you’re doing and read this because we have eight reasons why you should start skateboarding today.

Skateboarding was actually invented back in the 1950’s by Californian surfers who screwed planks of wood onto roller skates so they could carve up the sidewalks when the surf was no good. In the 1970’s skateboard design was improved and the most popular and important skateboard trick known to man was born. This trick is known as the “ollie”. Soon after street skateboarding originated and it has been one of the most popular forms of skateboarding ever since.

Although the popularity of skateboarding has seen an ebb and flow over the years there is no arguing that it is not going anywhere. With the introduction of skateboarding in the Olympics and the steady flow of new skateparks being built by professional skatepark designers across the country there is no better time for you to start skateboarding then today!

Reasons You Should Start Skateboarding

1. Skateboarding Is A Fun Way To Exercise

Riding a skateboard is a great way to get some exercise and is also extremely fun. It helps improve your balance, coordination, builds strength in your legs and core, and is excellent for cardiovascular health. You will likely be sore for a while when you first start skateboarding as you tend to use muscles that you don’t usually use. Eventually you will build up strength and feel like a million bucks!

2. Skateboarding Gives You Freedom

There is nothing more free than riding a skateboard. There are no rules, no coaches or anyone telling you how to ride your skateboard. A skateboard gives you independence whether you’re shredding in your driveway, cruising the streets, or shredding the skatepark you will never feel more free.

3. Skateboarding Promotes Creativity

Skateboarders are some of the most creative human beings on earth! There are no rules or boundaries when it comes to how you ride your skateboard or where you ride. Skateboarders are artists in their right mind. A skateboard acts as your paint brush and the concrete is your canvas. Not to long after you start skateboarding you will start to look at architecture of a city in a different way. You will catch yourself saying things like “I could skate that” or “I wonder if anyone has ollied down these stairs?”.

Reasons To Start Skateboarding

4. Skateboarding Is Challenging

There is no doubt that skateboarding is one of the hardest activities to master. It can take many years to feel comfortable on your skateboard or even just to learn beginner skateboarding tricks. You definitely have to be dedicated to improve your skateboarding skills and be willing to fall and get back up again over and over again!

5. Skateboarding Is Affordable

Skateboarding is very affordable. Yes buying a skateboard and skate shoes is an expense but once you have those items skateboarding is absolutely free! As long as you can find some concrete like a driveway, sidewalk, or basketball court then you are skateboarding for free. Your public local skatepark is also more then likely free as well and this is the best place to learn how to ride your skateboard.

6. Skateboarding Can Relieve Stress

Riding a skateboard is a good way to relieve stress. When you’re riding your skateboard or focusing on learning to master tricks nothing else matters. It is a great way to clear your mind and forget about anything stressful in your life while still doing something productive.

7. Making Skater Friends

Skateboarders are a tight nit community that will open their arms to anyone who likes to ride a skateboard. The skatepark is the best place to meet other skateboarders and feed off each others energy. You will most likely make life long friendships and share many hours hanging out together and learning together. There is no better feeling then cruising with your friends on your skateboard.

Reasons To Start Skateboarding

8. All Are Welcome

Skateboarding is one of the few sports where age or sex does not factor in. It doesn’t matter if you’re a youngster pushing around on your knees or a fully grown adult learning how to do kick turns. Skateboarding is pure and it is for absolutely anyone who wants to challenge themselves and have fun.

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