If you are looking for the best skateboard trucks for your new setup or just wondering who the best skateboard truck brand names are, then we have some answers for you! We have narrowed it down to these top three skateboard truck companies that are the best in the game and only produce high quality skate equipment. These skateboard truck companies that have made the list make strong and durable trucks that you absolutely can’t go wrong with.

Whether you are looking for the lightest and highest grade titanium or a standard high quality aluminum truck we have you covered with everything you need to help you make your next or first skateboard trucks purchase.

Best Skateboard Trucks In 2021

Independent Skateboard Trucks

Independent trucks are undoubtedly the best name in the game and have developed a cult following for this very reason. They make trucks in a wide range of sizes from 129 mm to 215 mm and also have different grades including their Stage 11 Standard, Stage 11 Hollow, Stage 11 Forged Hollow, and Stage 11 Forged Titanium.

What is the difference between Independent skateboard truck models? The main difference is the weight of the trucks due to them either being made out of solid aluminum, hollow aluminum, or titanium. The standard trucks are going to be the heaviest and the other models gradually get lighter. The reduction in weight in the lighter trucks is attributed to the hollow axle and kingpin design.

The height of Independent’s trucks vary slightly with the Standard model, Forged Hollow model, and the Hollow model at 55mm. The Forged Titanium is 53.5mm and the Polished Mids at 52mm.

Independent Skate Trucks: Heaviest to Lightest

  • Stage 11 Standard – The regular Stage 11 do not have any hollow components
  • Stage 11 Hollow – The Stage 11 Hollow has a hollow axle and kingpin
  • Stage 11 Forged Hollow – The Forged Hollow has a hollow axle and kingpin, along with a forged aluminum baseplate
  • Stage 11 Forged Titanium – The Forged Titanium has a hollow kingpin, titanium axle, and a forged aluminum baseplate

Why Should You Buy Independent Skateboard Trucks?

It’s no doubt that Independent Trucks are the most popular trucks in skateboarding. They are probably the most stable trucks on the market matched with being highly responsive to turning and are known for smooth grinding. The stock bushings in Indy’s are also good quality and won’t need to be changed out for after market ones. Independent trucks are built tough and are designed to last. You can’t go wrong with purchasing a pair.

Best Skateboard Trucks - Independent Standard
Stage 11 Standard
Best Skateboard Trucks - Independent Titanium
Stage 11 Forged Titanium

Thunder Skateboard Trucks

Thunder Trucks have become very popular and the company has proven themselves to be one of the best skateboard truck companies on the market. They make quite an extensive range of trucks that include models Team, Lights, Team Hollows, Hollow Lights, and Titanium Lights, all of which range from 143 mm to 161 mm.

What is the difference between Thunder skateboard truck models? The difference in the truck models is their weight. The difference in weight depends on what material the trucks are made from, for example, solid aluminum, hollow aluminum, or titanium. Thunder Trucks also come in a “high” version which has a distance of 53.3 mm between the axle and deck. The “low” trucks are 48.3 mm from the axle to the deck.

Which of their trucks are the heaviest and which are the lightest? The ‘Team’ edition trucks are the heaviest as it is made from solid aluminum. It is also the most basic skateboard truck in their line but it is still a great truck because it is built tough and will last for years. Their lightest trucks are the Titanium Lights which are made with all hollow components and a forged aluminum base plate.

Thunder Skate Trucks: Heaviest to Lightest

  • Team – This truck is made from solid aluminum
  • Lights – This truck features a hollow kingpin and forged aluminum baseplate making them slightly lighter than the Team
  • Hollow Lights – This truck has a hollow kingpin, hollow axle, and a forged aluminum baseplate
  • Titanium Lights – This truck is the lightest with a hollow kingpin, hollow titanium axle, and a forged aluminum baseplate

Why Should You Buy Thunder Skateboard Trucks?

Thunder trucks provide great control, quick turn response and grind amazing. Having the option of a high and low truck is also good for skaters looking for a particular height of truck. They are a strong truck that will last you a long time and will take a good beating with out letting you down.

Best Skateboard Trucks - Thunder Team
Team Edition
Best Skateboard Trucks - Thunder Ishod Team
Ishod Team

Ace Skateboard Trucks

Ace Trucks is a skater owned company that have been producing skateboard trucks since 2007.The company has really made a name for themselves as having no gimmick solid trucks that are the best turning skateboard trucks in the business. They have a stacked skate team and seem to be good at converting skateboarder’s from alternative skateboard truck companies to Ace Trucks.

They only offer one type of truck which is ‘The Classic’. The Classic is constructed from pure 7071 series aluminum then machine polished and heat treated steel axles making them look so clean.

There are seven different sizes to choose from. Ace have narrowed down the range to seven different size skateboard trucks that fit skateboards 6.5 ” to 9.62″. The sizes are as follows;

  • 00 for skateboards 6.5″ and under,
  • 11 for skateboards 7.0″ – 7.3″,
  • 22/02 for skateboards 7.12″ – 7.75,
  • 33/03 for skateboards 7.75″ – 8.12″,
  • 44 for skateboards 8.12 – 8.5,
  • 55 for skateboards 8.5″ – 9.12,
  • 66 for skateboards 9.12″ – 9.62″.

Ace’s skateboard trucks come in colors silver, matt black, silver with red baseplate, and purple. All of their trucks are 52 mm high.

Why Should You Buy Ace Skateboard Trucks?

Ace Trucks are a no nonsense trucks that utilize a slightly rockered hanger which gives them extra strength where it is needed. The low and simple design of the kingpin means less hang-ups on your grinds. These trucks are fast becoming the choice of many professional skateboarders and by purchasing Ace you are supporting a skater owned company and that is pretty cool.

Best Skateboard Trucks - Ace 44
Classic 44 Silver
Best Skateboard Trucks - Ace 44
Classic 44 Purple

So Which Trucks Are Best For You?

Independent Trucks are extremely stable and are perfect for all types of skateboarding especially transition and skateparks. Thunder Trucks are also good for all types of skateboarding but due to them having a low option they are great for more technical skateboarding such as rails and manuals. Ace Trucks are a great all-round truck that will perform well in any situation especially when it comes to turning. Ace don’t make any lighter truck options so if you are looking for a titanium truck you will have to go with Independent or Thunder.

This being said you can’t go wrong with buying any of these trucks. They all perform excellent and are proven to be the best of the best so bolt some onto your deck and go shred! No, seriously go skateboarding right now!


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