If you are looking for the best skateboard wheels on a budget without sacrificing quality then you have come to the right place. Skateboard wheels come in a variety of shapes, sizes, formula’s, softness, and colors but they also come in a wide range of prices too.

The cost of skateboard wheels can vary in price anywhere between $10 and $50. Now if you don’t have a lot of cash to burn or are more of a save money type of person you’ll be glad to know you can pick up decent wheels for your deck under $30!

Does buying cheaper skateboard wheels mean you are sacrificing quality? Well, kinda… but not really.

Of course the wheels around ten bucks are more than likely going to be complete rubbish and the more expensive brands of skateboard wheels such as Bones and Spitfire budget models are a little bit better in quality and will help you ride better. The budget skateboard wheels mentioned below in this article are pretty great at doing their job and will still get you by.

It’s perfectly okay to choose a budget-friendly set of wheels especially if you are a beginner because a top of the line set of wheels will not change your performance. Also, if you are a veteran that doesn’t get around to skating often these days whether it’s due to family or work commitments, a budget set of wheels will last you a long time.

These days you can not only pick up skateboard wheels from your local skate shop but online through skate stores too such as Tactics or even search for skateboard wheels on Amazon and have them delivered straight to your door. Anyway, let’s get to this recommendation list!

The Best Skateboard Wheels On A Budget: Cheaper Wheels That Are Still Good Quality

Spitfire Classics $31.00

Value for money is what you are going to get with these and they are my personal favorite! Given Spitfire’s signature Classic wheel shape, these wheels offer proven speed and control across all terrain.

These Spitfires are not too hard and not too soft with 99a durometer they ride nicely at the skatepark whether the concrete is smooth or rough.

If you are purely going to ride smooth skatepark concrete you might want to consider a 101a durometer like the Formula 4 which is a harder wheel but much less forgiving on impact. These classics are a great all-round skateboard wheel.

Bones 100s Ringers $28.95

Bones Wheels say no more! Bones have been making some of the best wheels in the industry for decades.

The 100’s are made from their classic original formula and boast amazing speed and impeccable flat spot resistance. These Bones are also a great all-round wheel for the park or street with a 100a durometer and are very similar to the Spitfire Classics.

Bones make very high quality wheels and these 100’s are worth every cent. No matter if you are a beginner or seasoned ripper, these wheels will get the job done.

DGK Street Formula $25.00

Dirty Ghetto Kids is a good budget skateboard wheel designed with a custom DGK logo on each wheel and molded with DGK’s Street Urethane Formula for exceptional performance and is flat-spot resistance.

These wheels are definitely on the harder side but will still perform in all terrain however smooth concrete skateparks are where these wheels will roll the best with a 101a durometer.

Although DGK are not really a wheel company, their wheels are still great quality and I have personally skated these myself and had no issues with them.

OJ From Concentrate $26.95

OJ make some good quality skateboard wheels and these OJ From Concentrate are no exception. They will help you get a smooth ride while boosting your roll speed.

These extra wide constructed wheels are perfect for minimizing pushing and maintaining optimal grip and control. OJ wheels are great all-round skatepark wheels due to their wider design and 101a durometer.

Orbs Wheels Specters $29.95

Orbs Wheels Specters add exceptional roll speed and unmatched durability to your set up. These mostly white wheels come with bat wing graphics and are perfect for carrying speed around the park and hitting all types of features with ease. This model comes in a 99a durometer.

A few tech specs to consider when purchasing your next set of skateboard wheels.

Durometer – is the measurement of hardness a skateboard wheel is and will determine the amount of grip the wheel has and the amount of shock it can absorb.

Softer wheels will absorb more shock creating a smooth ride and harder wheels will not absorb shock and create less of a smooth ride. However, harder wheels are more responsive making them a preferred wheel for street and skatepark skaters. Softer wheels are usually used on cruiser skateboards and longboards.

Durometer is measured on a scale of 100. A durometer of 78A to 95A is considered soft and grippy for cruiser like skateboards whereas a durometer of 96A to 101A is much harder and used for street and skatepark skaters.

Size – is measured in mm and 50mm to 52mm are considered technical street skating wheels, 52mm to 56mm all-round and 56mm to 60mm are mainly for skating transition.

Your new wheels will need good bearings so check out this article next: Top Affordable Skateboard Bearings


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