The Seattle Center’s new skate plaza is well under construction after the former skatepark located on Thomas and 2nd Avenue was demolished back in October 2018. The new 18,000 square foot skate plaza has been designed by New Line Skateparks and is being built by Seattle’s own Grindline Skateparks.

The project cost is 1.9 million and will be located between Fifth Avenue North and Taylor Avenue along Thomas Street.

Seattle Center Skate Plaza
Seattle Center Skate Plaza

There have been several skateparks built at the Seattle Center since the 1990’s which have provided local Seattle skateboarders with a safe place to learn and progress their skills in the city.

This new skate plaza will include a variety of street features such as ledges, manual pads, rails, banks, a hubba, quarter pipes, and also a mini ramp! It is geared towards street skaters and will provide ample room to enjoy.

Seattle Center Skate Plaza

Seattle Center Skate Plaza is scheduled to open in mid-2021. Local skater’s are looking forward to seeing and skating the end result. For regular updates on the project check out SeaSk8’s Facebook page.

Seattle has a variety of other skateparks on offer to keep you satisfied in the meantime. To find some of the other skateparks in the city of Seattle see this article: Best Skateparks In Seattle.

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