Vancouver is the most popular skateboarding city in Canada hands down! They have a large skate scene, many incredible skateparks, and a handful of top notch skate shops that are dedicated to supplying local skateboarders with the best gear on the market.

Whether you are a beginner looking to buy your first skateboard, or an experienced skater needing a new deck, trucks, wheels, bearings, or the latest apparel, these are the best skate shops where you should spend your hard earned cash! Take a peek at these skate shops located around the city of Vancouver.

Best Skate Shops In Vancouver

Antisocial Skateboard Shop

Antisocial Skateboard Shop opened up back in 2002 by Michelle Pezel with the help of her then room mate professional skateboarder Rick McCrank. It’s become a hub for local Vancouver skateboarders and is now one of the most popular shops in the city.

They stock a variety of decks from Alltimers, Anti Hero, Frog, Girl, Krooked, Polar, Real, Sci-Fi Fantasy, and The Killing Floor. If you are in need of new trucks, you can cop a set of the latest Independent, Thunder, Venture, or Aces along with the best wheels on the market – Spitfire. All other essential skate goods such as bearings, grip tape, and hardware are also available.

As for skate shoes, they only stock Vans but they do have a good selection of them. The apparel section has shirts, hoodies, hats, and pants from brands such as Quasi, Thrasher, Quarter Snacks, Spitfire, Polar, Welcome, and more!

If you are looking for a great selection of skateboarding gear and want to shop somewhere with helpful and friendly staff, this is a good spot. Check out some of their happy customer reviews below.

Best Skate Shops In Vancouver
Best Skate Shops In Vancouver

Hours: Mon to Sat 11am – 6pm, Sun 12pm – 5pm
Address: 2337 Main St, Vancouver, BC

The Drive Skate Shop

The Drive Skate Shop is located in East Vancouver and has been supplying quality skateboarding equipment everyday of the week since 2016.

This shop is loaded with decks from the best brands such as Palace, Real, Powell, Shorty’s, Toy Machine, Zero, Welcome, Enjoy, DGK, Element, Girl, Heroin, Anti Hero, Baker, Birdhouse, Blind, Creature, and many more. If you’re a beginner looking for a complete skateboard they have a great selection to choose from.

Trucks, wheels, and bearings are an important piece to any skateboard and The Drive only stock the good stuff like Independent, Thunder, Ace, Silver, Venture, Mini Logo, Bones, Acid, Spitfire, Satori, Ricta, Oj, and Orbs.

No skate shop is complete without the finest apparel and if you need to stock up your wardrobe this is the place to do it. You will find the latest styles from brands like Thrasher, Diamond, Santa Cruz, Alltimers, Huf, Hockey, Brixton, Element, and Stance. As for skate shoes you will find the best models from Emerica, Etnies, eS, Lakai, New Balance, and State.

If you are in need of some new skate gear or you’re looking to make your first skateboard purchase, the team here are ready to help you out. Check out some of their customer reviews below.

Best Skate Shops In Vancouver
Best Skate Shops In Vancouver
Hours: 10:30am – 6:30pm (everyday)
Address: 997 Commercial Dr, Vancouver, BC

Menu Skate Shop

Menu Skate Shop is located in Vancouver’s oldest neighborhood, Gastown. Opening in 2012, they have spent the past ten years supplying high quality skate goods while also morphing into an in-house brand offering there own decks and apparel.

Besides Menu’s own line of decks, you will find other major brands on their shelves including Anti Hero, Quasi, Polar, Frog, Real, GX1000, Sci-Fi Fantasy, Limosine, FA, and Hockey. You can take your pick of trucks from Independent, Venture, and Thunder. If you’re in the market for new wheels they’ve got Spitfire, Bones, and Ricta.

Having a good pair of skate shoes is imperative and there is a very nice selection to choose from at Menu. Whether you are a Nike SB fan, or into Converse, Adidas, Vans, or New Balance, you’re sure to find what you need here. They also stock apparel from Thrasher and Patagonia if you’re interested. See some of Menu Skate Shop’s great reviews below.

Best Skate Shops In Vancouver
Best Skate Shops In Vancouver
Hours: 11am – 6pm (everyday)
Address: 332 Water Street unit 170 Downstairs, Vancouver

One Love Skate Shop

One Love Skate Shop opened in 2005 and is owned by professional skateboarder Dan Pageau. His Burnaby shop is conveniently located next to Bonsor/Metrotown Skatepark and his second shop (that includes an indoor skatepark) is located in Surrey.

Both locations stock decks from many of the top brands such as Kitsch, Plan B, Darkstar, Real, Monke, Meow, Girl, Chocolate, Blind, April, Zero, Santa Cruz, and more. If you’re looking for a complete skateboard or longboard there is a great selection to choose from as well.

The latest model trucks from Independent and Thunder are available and you can match them with a set of wheels from Spitfire or Bones. All other essential items to build a skateboard such as bearings, grip tape, and hardware, are on hand.

If you are looking to skate the indoor skatepark or take some skateboarding lessons you can see One Love’s lessons page for more details. Read some of their happy customer reviews below.

Best Skate Shops In Vancouver
Best Skate Shops In Vancouver
Hours: Burnaby, Mon to Sat 11am – 6pm
Hours: Surrey, Mon to Fri 11am – 6pm (Sun 1pm – 5pm)
Address: 4845 Imperial St, Burnaby, BC
Address: 10681 King George Blvd, Surrey, BC

Flatspot Longboards Skate Shop

Flatspot is Vancouver’s first longboard shop but they don’t only stock longboards. They also have hundreds of other types of skateboards including cruisers, carve, commuter, and regular popsicle decks.

Some of the longboards and cruisers on offer here are from brands such Arbor, Land Yachtz, Sector 9, Santa Cruz, Powell Peralta, and Penny. For regular decks they have a range of top brands such as Baker, Birdhouse, Creature, Deathwish, DGK, Heroin, Primitive, Thank You, and Zero.

No matter if you are looking for a complete skateboard, trucks, wheels, bearings, grip tape, hardware, safety equipment, or apparel, they have a lot to choose from. Their friendly and knowledgeable staff are ready to help you with all your skateboarding needs. See some of their customer reviews below.

Best Skate Shops In Vancouver
Best Skate Shops In Vancouver
Hours: 11am – 7pm (everyday)
Address: 12 E Pender St, Vancouver, BC

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