Idaho may not seem like a top skateboarding destination so you might be surprised to learn that the Gem State boasts some incredible skateparks built by reputable companies such as Dreamland and Grindline Skateparks.

Southern Idaho in particular seems to know what the kids want and what us big kids want too which is skateparks, skateparks, skateparks! We don’t want just any old skateparks though… we want new and innovative designs for all types of skateboarders to enjoy. And I believe Idaho has done a great job in doing just that.

The driving itinerary provided below will take you to some of the best skateparks in Southern Idaho so buckle up!

A Southern Idaho Skatepark Road Trip Itinerary

The Ultimate Idaho Skatepark Road Trip - Map


  • Hailey Skatepark
  • Jerome Skatepark
  • Overnight in Jerome

Hailey Skatepark

The ultimate Idaho skatepark road trip begins in the small town of Hailey located in the Wood River Valley of Central Idaho.

Hailey skatepark is a masterpiece built by Dreamland Skateparks. This skatepark is 21,000 square feet and jam packed with features such as full pipe, bowl, stairs, ledges, rails and more.

There’s a decent burger shop located adjacent to the skatepark should you need to refuel. There is also free Wifi and ample parking.

Hailey Skatepark Idaho
Hailey Skatepark Idaho

Jerome Skatepark

The second stop on the road trip is Jerome, a small city just south of Hailey.

Jerome skatepark is another well designed and well-built skatepark from Dreamland. The skatepark features some nice transition, quarter pipes and a bowl, along with stairs, rails and banks. There is also a pump track!

Jerome Skatepark Idaho - Skate park Road Trip Through Southern Idaho
Jerome Skatepark Idaho - Skatepark Road Trip Through Southern Idaho

Places To Stay In Jerome


  • Buhl Skatepark
  • Glenns Ferry Skatepark
  • Drive to Boise
  • Overnight in Boise

Buhl Skatepark

Stop three on the road trip is Buhl, city located on the old Oregon Trail in the western half of Twin Falls County.

Buhl skatepark is again another Dreamland Skateparks gem! Dreamland seem to have a monopoly on Idaho and I don’t think any of the local skateboarders are complaining.

This skatepark features transition for days that will make your legs burn. There are some features incorporated into it as well which include a stair set and some rails.

Buhl Skatepark in Idaho
Buhl Skatepark Idaho

Glenns Ferry Skatepark

The next skatepark on our Southern Idaho road trip is in Glenns Ferry, a small town off I-84 sitting adjacent to the Snake River.

Glenns Ferry skatepark is yet again molded by the hands of Dreamland Skateparks.

The skatepark is well designed and has a great use of space. The concrete is smooth and the features plentiful. A really fun skatepark for little kids and big kids!

Glenns Ferry Skate Park - A Stop On A Souther Idaho Road Trip
Glenns Ferry Skate Park - A Stop On A Souther Idaho Road Trip

Places To Stay In Boise


  • Rhodes Skatepark
  • Boise Whitewater Park
  • Overnight in Boise

Rhodes Skatepark

Day three of the road trip begins in Boise which is the capitol of Idaho. Over the last few years this city has started to grow into a boom town. The secret is out… Boise is cool!

Rhodes skatepark is a 32,750 square foot skatepark between 15th and 16th streets under Interstate I-84 in Boise. The skatepark was re-built by Grindline in 2016 and consists of a large variety of features.

This skatepark is lit up so you can session at night.

Rhodes Skatepark Boise Idaho - Idaho Skatepark Road Trip
Rhodes Skatepark in Boise Idaho

Boise Whitewater Park

If you’re feeling sweaty, head to Boise Whitewater Park to cool off and shred the river wave.

The best rental deal on a board is at Corridor at a rate of $20 for two hours. They also rent wetsuits. Go be surfer boys for a few hours!

Places To Stay In Boise


  • Tom Erlrbach Skatepark
  • Middleton Skatepark
  • Road trip complete!

Tom Erlebach Skatepark

The seventh skatepark is just outside of Boise in the city of Star, home of Tom Erlebach skatepark.

Built by Grindline Skateparks, Tom Erlebach oozes with modern street plaza features and even has a fire hydrant incorporated into the design The skatepark is 16,000 square feet of good times.

Tom Erlebach Skatepark In Idaho
Tom Erlebach Skatepark In Idaho

Middleton Skatepark

The final stop is Middleton, another small town in Idaho with an amazing skatepark.

Middleton skatepark is another Grindline build that will not disappoint. The skatepark is 13,500 square feet with a bowl and lots of street features such as, ledges, stairs, and rails. It’s a great spot to end your road trip.

Middleton Skatepark In Southern Idaho
Middleton Skatepark, Southern Idaho
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