The Hawaiian island of Oahu is most known for the big barreling waves that break over the shallow reef at Pipeline but when the waves are flat, surfers hit the skatepark for their thrills.

Skateboarding has been a big part of the culture here in Hawaii and Oahu has some great options for anyone looking to shred a bowl or grind a rail.

Most of the skateparks on this island were built many years ago but there are a few that have had recent upgrades. If you find yourself on the hunt for the best skateparks on the island of Oahu, I’d recommend taking a look at this list.

Best Skateparks On Oahu

Kapolei Skatepark

Kapolei Skatepark originally opened back in 2006 with a ten-foot keyhole bowl, nine-foot amoeba pool, eight-foot egg bowl, and a small street course. Recently the facility received an awesome street course upgrade that consists of handrails, stair set, two-flat-two, A-frame with a rail, banked gap, and bump-over-bar, banked gap bump-to-rail, out rail, euro gap, flat bar, and bank ramps. This skatepark is now all-terrain, all skill level, and will appeal to all types of skateboarders.

Hours: 7am – 10pm
Address: Kapolei, HI

Banzai Rock Skatepark

Best Skateparks On Oahu

Banzai Rock Skatepark is located directly across from the most famous surf spot in the world – Pipeline. The facility was built by California Skateparks and is made up of a pool-style bowl with an extension, pool steps, tile, and pool coping, large flow bowl area with hips and extensions, pump bumps, bank ramps, hubba ledge, handrail, and a stair set. This is a popular skatepark where you are likely to see some amazing skateboarding go down on any given day.

Hours: sunrise – sunset
Address: 59-460 Kamehameha Hwy, Haleiwa, HI

Kamiloiki Skatepark

Kamiloiki Skatepark is a transition skateboarders dream. There are three consecutive bowls, one has a spine and a volcano, another has a pretty awesome transfer gap. The bowls all have steel coping. As for the rest of the facility, there a some quarter pipes, long pyramid-style bank ramp, one rail, and a curved ledge. There is plenty of open space too so beginners will enjoy improving their skills here.

Hours: 7am – 7pm
Address: 830 Lunalilo Home Rd, Honolulu, HI

Pearl City (Manana) Skatepark

Pearl City Skatepark (also known as Manana) was designed by Urban Words and Chad Hiyakumoto, and built by California Skateparks. It is believed to have opened in 2005, but don’t quote me on that.

This skatepark has a mix of street and transition that consists of a five-foot spine, combination bowl, volcano, nine-foot bank-to-wall, a crazy rail that drops off into a bank, A-fame with a ledge and flat bar, pyramid with hubba ledge, flat ledge, manual pad, up-gap, bank ramps, and quarter pipes.

Hours: 7am – 7pm
Address: 1310 Waimano Home Rd, Aiea, HI

Makiki Skatepark

Best Skateparks On Oahu

Makiki Skatepark is a cool little street-style spot located underneath an overpass in Honolulu. This is an extremely popular skatepark that gets quite busy with local rippers. It features quarter pipes, bank ramps, pyramid with a ledge, flat bar, manual pad, flat ledge, and slappy curbs. If you’re a beginner it is best to visit the skatepark in the morning but if you are a seasoned ripper head there in the afternoon to join in on the session.

Hours: 24/7
Address: 1429 Ke’eaumoku St, Honolulu, HI

Mililani Skatepark

An ‘oldie but goodie’, Mililani Skatepark offers skateboarders a mix of transition and street obstacles. There is an open-style flow bowl, pool-style bowl with a hallway gap, hubba ledge, bank with three-block ledge, pyramid with a ledge, big corner bank ramps, flat ledge, and down rail.

Hours: 7am – 7pm
Address: 94-169 Kuahelani Ave, Mililani, HI

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