Do you want to know how to get back into skateboarding again as an older guy? In no way do I mean that in a derogatory way as I’m an aged skateboarder myself. But these days, guys and girls are skateboarding well into their thirties, forties, and even beyond. Gone are the days when skateboarding was only for the young and reckless. Now, it is perfectly acceptable to turn up at the skatepark as an ‘old timer’.

While some skaters were able to keep their wheels rolling over the years, many others gave up skateboarding in their twenties for reasons such as work, family, and the most popular excuse, being too old. These old timers that used to shred claim ‘it hurts too much now’ or that they’re ‘too old to risk breaking any bones’.

Jay Adams once said “You didn’t quit skateboarding because you got old, you got old because you quit skateboarding” and he couldn’t be more right.

There are so many excuses we make to stop doing things we enjoy as we get older but going skateboarding shouldn’t be one of them. I’m not saying you have to go out there and be as gnarly as you were at eighteen or whatever, but you could at the very least roll around and have some fun.

How To Get Into Skateboarding As An Old Guy
This could be you!

More than likely if you have had a multi-year hiatus, most of those tricks you once could do are going to be hard to learn again, but that doesn’t mean you can’t re-learn them again. However, you might need to take a more mature approach to skateboarding rather than throwing yourself down a stair set or hitting the big bowl like back in your hey day.

Re-learning how to axle stall or even how to ollie again is likely to bring back that feeling of pure stoke and joy that only your skateboard can give you. Even just the act of hopping back on a skateboard to cruise around the local skatepark might spark that feeling of joy and freedom you had when you were a kid.

I personally think skateboarding is a type of therapy that gives you a chance to shut out everything that is going on in your life and focus on being present and in the moment on your board.

Skateboarding also teaches you to be patient and to never give up. How many times have you said ‘just one more try’. This mentality of never giving up has helped many skateboarders be successful in life outside of skateboarding. Not only is skateboarding good for your mental health, but also physical too.

I know it’s easy to say just go skateboarding when most of us don’t have enough hours in the day to get our grown up tasks done. But it can be done and only requires you to make it a priority in your life again. Even if it’s only for thirty minutes a week, you should set aside the time to go for a short roll on your board. You’ll be glad (and proud) that you did.

How To Get Back Into Skateboarding Again

1. First, Buy A Skateboard!

How To Get Back Into Skateboarding As An Old Guy

The obvious first step is to buy a skateboard if you don’t already own one. Buying a skateboard these days is a wonderful endeavor as the options are endless. Whether you are looking for a small skateboard for technical tricks, or a wider deck for bowl skating, you will be able to find something that is right for you.

With options like old school decks, twin tail skateboards, twin nose boards, and the standard popsicle shape, you have some tough choices to make. Check out some of these awesome online skate shops to order your new deck from if you don’t have a local skate shop.

If you are at a total loss and unsure what kind of set-up you need, or for some reason have forgotten how to choose the perfect board for your height, see this guide to choosing the right skateboard.

As for myself, I believe I have found the perfect all-rounder deck that is stable enough to flow in a bowl while still being nimble enough for doing flat ground tricks. These are the details of my current skateboard: Welcome 8.5 inch deck, Independent 149 mm trucks, Spitfire OG 55 mm wheels, and Bones Swiss bearings.

If you prefer to skate the old school skateboards of yesteryear that you are used to skateboarding on, don’t be ashamed to do so as wider skateboards have recently begun to rise in popularity again and it won’t be difficult at all to find a fat-shaped deck.

2. Head To Your Local Skatepark

You might be thinking ‘Heck, I can’t go to the skatepark because I’m an old kook’! But please don’t think like that.

The local skatepark is the best place to progress your skateboarding. Don’t be worried about what other skateboarders think while you’re there, just focus on you. There are many old skater dudes getting back into the game these days so you won’t stand out as much as you think you will. And even if you do, there are so many newbies giving the sport a try since skateboarding made the Olympics that you won’t be the center of attention.

In all seriousness, skateparks are the best place to get back on the horse and they are damn good these days with buttery smooth concrete and a variety of features for all levels. Check out our skatepark directory to see if there is some fresh concrete near you.

3. Join A Skateboarding Group On Facebook

I know Facebook can be a toxic place, but there are several skateboarding groups that are doing a great job at spreading the stoke for skateboarding. If you are looking for motivation or information, these groups are a good place to find resources along with some inspiration.

The skateboarders in these groups are all about having fun, talking skate, and offering advice to anyone who needs it. These groups are also a great place to meet other skateboarders that live in your area who may want to meet up. Skateboarding is fun even if alone, but it’s always more fun with friends so don’t be afraid to put yourself out there and meet some new people.

Here are some awesome skateboarding Facebook groups you can join:

The groups mentioned above are super helpful and you will probably be surprised at how many others are in the same boat as you.

4. Make A Commitment

The only way to really get back into skateboarding is to just go skateboarding. Make time whenever you can whether it is at the skatepark or on the streets. Making a commitment is key, and you should make a promise to yourself to set aside certain days or an amount of time to practice no matter what. It needs to become part of your weekly routine.

How To Get Into Skateboarding When You Are Older

Choose a day that works best for you and commit to at least thirty minutes on your deck. The driveway, sidewalk, or any concrete slab will do. Just stay as active on your skateboard as possible so it becomes second nature again.

You could even build your own grind box or other skate obstacles to master tricks at home like the 50/50 ledge grind.

5. Stretching Helps

Getting back into skating after a considerable amount of time off can result in some muscle strains and so forth. Likely after your first session back you will be suffering from some aches and pains from not using certain muscles for a while.

Naturally these muscles will strengthen over time but having a good stretching routine will help with tight muscles and reduce the chances of pesky injuries.

Extreme stretching is not necessary, however a good five or ten minute warm up session will insure you are ready for maneuvers on your deck. Below are some basic stretches that will help get you loosened up.

Basic Stretches For Skateboarders.

Final Thoughts

Don’t be afraid to get back out there and rip around. Don’t let your age define who you are, and most of all, don’t listen to the lames telling you to act your age. They will never understand what it means to be a skateboarder.

Always be as smart and safe as you possibly can, but I’m sure you already know that skateboarding is not for the faint hearted. Injuries come with the territory but if you are careful you can still have an insane amount of fun on a skateboard without killing yourself.

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