The state of Maine has a healthy skateboarding scene despite enduring long, cold, and snowy winters. Being a skateboarder here is tough but when the sun does shine on those mild summer days, skateboarders are out to take advantage of it.

Fortunately there are some great skateparks on offer here in Maine which include both indoor and outdoor facilities so you can skate no matter what season it is. Here are the best skateparks we believe you should check out, if you haven’t already.

Best Skateparks In Maine

Lewiston Skatepark

Best Skateparks in Maine
Best Skateparks in Maine

Lewiston Skatepark offers a variety of terrain that includes a large flow bowl with a spine, bowl with pool coping, and ditch style bowl. The street section has stairs with a handrail, hubba ledge, euro gap, flat ledges, flat bar, manual pad, and bank ramps. This is a great skatepark for all types of skaters including beginners.

Hours: 8am – 9pm
Address: 27 Spruce St, Lewiston, ME

Bethel Skatepark

Best Skateparks in Maine

Bethel Skatepark has a modern design with street elements such as down ledges, handrail, stair set, flat ledges, rainbow ledge, rainbow rail, camel humps, flat bar, pyramid, euro gap, pole jam, and more. There is a nice bowl that is perfect for learning how to skate transition which is surrounded by a fun little quarter pipe.

Hours: 8am – 8pm
Address: Davis Park, Bethel, ME 

Portland (Dougherty) Skatepark

Best Skateparks in Maine
Best Skateparks in Maine

Portland (also known as Dougherty Skatepark) was built by the Canadian Ramp Company. There is a flow bowl, mini bowl, hubba ledges, out ledge, flat ledges, A-frame with rail, handrails, stairs, euro gap, flat bar, pimple, quarter pipes, and bank ramps. Anyone looking for a good mix of street and transition will enjoy this skatepark.

Hours: sunrise – sunset
Address: 91 Douglass St, Portland, ME

Augusta Skatepark

Best Skateparks in Maine
Best Skateparks in Maine

Augusta Skatepark is located in Williams Park and offers skateboarders a variety of street elements that include hubba ledges, flat ledges, stairs, manual pads, out ledges, rails, banks, and quarter pipes. There is also a bowl with an extension. The skatepark is getting a 2,700 square foot expansion this summer after locals raised almost $50,000.

Hours: sunrise – sunset
Address: 21-1 Quimby St Augusta, ME

Bar Harbor Skatepark

Best Skateparks in Maine

Bar Harbor Skatepark is 4,000 square feet and was built by Pillar Design Studios. This is a really cool little flow park with quarter pipes, hips, camel humps, bank with landscape rock, flat bar, flat ledge, and a manual pad.

Hours: sunrise – sunset
Address: 21 Park St. Bar Harbor, ME

Old Orchard Beach Skatepark

Best Skateparks in Maine

Old Orchard Beach Skatepark is all transition and includes a backyard style bowl with pool coping , waterfall, and a banked flow bowl with extensions. It is believed that this skatepark will soon undergo an expansion so there is a chance street elements may be added which might make this facility a little more diverse.

Hours: 8am – 9pm
Address: Ballpark Way, Old Orchard Beach, ME

Windham Skatepark

Best Skateparks in Maine
Best Skateparks in Maine

Windham Skatepark was designed and built by Pivot Custom and American Ramp Company who are some of the best skatepark designers in the country. This skatepark is small but it does have a decent amount of obstacles such as a quarter pipe with an extension, bank ramps, stair set, two handrails, two down ledges, flat bar, and a manual pad and ledge combo. This is a fun little skatepark for skateboarders who enjoy street elements.

Hours: sunrise – sunset
Address: 373 Gray Rd, Windham, ME

Bath Skatepark

Best Skateparks in Maine

Bath Skatepark is the largest indoor skatepark in the state of Maine measuring in at 6,000 square feet! There is a half pipe, quarter pipes, bank ramps, ledges, wally ledge, boxes, manual pads, euro gap, rails, flat bars, and a pyramid.

It is operated by Mid Coast Youth Center and requires skaters to sign a waiver before using the facility. Rates start at $10 a session, $60 a month, $299 for 6 months, or $499 for the entire year. *All sessions are two hours.

Hours: 3pm – 7pm Mon – Fri, 12:15pm – 2:15pm & 3pm – 7pm Sat
Address: 4 Old Brunswick Rd, Bath, ME 

Anti Gravity Center Skatepark

Best Skateparks in Maine
Best Skateparks in Maine

Anti Gravity Skatepark is at Carrabassett Valley’s Academy Training Center. The indoor facility offers a large bowl, mini ramp, quarter pipes, bank ramps, camel hump, pyramid, rail, and stair set. There is a fee to skate here and is as follows; ages 4 to 18 will cost $7, and ages 19 and up will cost $10.

Private skateboard lessons are offered and available for kids 14 and under for $55 per hour, for up to three kids. However, skateboard and helmets are not available to to rent, you will need to bring your own gear.

Hours: 6am – 10am, 3pm – 8pm Mon – Fri, 6am -12pm, 3pm – 8pm Sat
Address: 3209 Carrabassett Dr Carrabassett Valley, ME

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