Nottingham is a city in central England’s Midlands region. It’s known for its role in the Robin Hood legend and it is now developing a name for itself among skateboarders due to its awesome skateparks.

There are two skatepark designers that are leading the charge in the United Kingdom. Maverick Skateparks who are based out of the city of Poole have contributed immensely to the Nottingham skate-scene with their fun and professional-style builds. CANVAS Spaces are out of Bristol and they’re also making their mark on Nottingham.

Whether you’re are visiting this area or you are a local on the hunt for a new skatepark there is something here that will surely satisfy your needs. There are several great bowls and technical street courses that all types of skateboarders will enjoy. Below are the seven best skateparks in Nottingham.

Best Skateparks In Nottingham

Clifton Skatepark

Clifton Skatepark was designed and built by Maverick Skateparks. Featuring both street and transition terrain this skatepark will appeal to a variety of skateboarders. The large flow bowl has a pool section, hips, and an extension. There is also a smaller open-ended bowl that is perfect for beginners and intermediate riders. If you’re a street skater then you will likely be drawn to the awesome street course that consists of hubba ledges, a rail, A-frame with a ledge, flat gap, brick bank, bank to ledge, and quarter pipes. This is a must skate if you’re visiting Nottingham!

Hours: 24/7
Address: Farnborough Rd, Clifton, Nottingham

Lady Bay Skatepark

Lady Bay Skatepark is another beautiful display of concrete work by Maverick Skateparks. Opening in 2019, this skatepark is a much welcomed addition to the Nottingham skate-scene. This facility has an open ended bowl with a fun transfer hip, quarter pipes, bank ramps, long flat ledge, manual pad, flat bar, pyramid, and a bump to rail obstacle with a ledge on the opposite side. No matter what type of skateboarder you’re there is something here that you will love to shred.

Hours: 24/7
Address: Off Holme Road, West Bridgford, Nottingham

Rushcliffe Skatepark

Rushcliffe Skatepark was completed in 2021 and is made up of various street inspired obstacles. CANVAS Skateparks are responsible for designing this space and they did an exceptional job with it. There is a granite flat ledge, several manual pads of various heights, bank ramps, quarter pipes, stair set, kicker, and an awesome curb. This is a street skaters dream come true!

Hours: 7am – 6pm
Address: Mere Way, Loughborough Rd, Ruddington, Nottingham

Radcliffe On Trent Skatepark

Radcliffe On Trent Skatepark is a cool transition-style facility which opened in 2020. It features a variety of bowls, hips, banked extension and other bank ramps, bumps, and a spine. If you are a transition skater who likes to go fast and launch high above the coping then this is definitely the skatepark for you.

Hours: 24/7
Address: Radcliffe on Trent, Nottingham

Long Eaton Skatepark

Long Eaton Skatepark features a mini ramp, spine, quarter pipes, bank ramps, flat ledges, manual pads, rails, flat bar, and some bump to ledges. This is a great skatepark for anyone looking to skate street obstacles or build up their confidence on relatively mellow obstacles.

Hours: 24/7
Address: West Park, Long Eaton, Nottingham

Kingsway Skatepark

Kingsway Skatepark is located in Kirkby In Ashfield and is an older Maverick Skateparks design. It features a mix of both street and transition terrain. The flow bowl offers extensions, hips, bumps, and banks. As for street obstacles you will find a manual pad, flat ledge, rail, taco quarter pipe, and some bank ramps. This skatepark is suitable for all skateboarding abilities.

Hours: 24/7
Address: Kingsway Park, Kirkby in Ashfield, Nottingham

Mansfield Skate Plaza

Mansfield Skate Plaza was designed and built by Maverick Skateparks back 2010. This awesome skatepark has a variety of obstacles that include flat banks, quarter pipe with a roller on the backside, mini ramp, volcano, euro gap, taco quarter pipe, china bank, rail, out ledge, bank to ledges, extensions, banked gap, and banks with hips. This is a fun skatepark for anyone who is looking for street terrain.

Hours: 24/7
Address: Fisher Lane Park, Mansfield

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