Skateboarders have been tearing up skateparks in England for decades! While the popularity of skateboarding has seen a rise and fall pattern over the past several decades, today it is more popular than ever.

The sport’s recent inclusion in the Olympics has only added to the increase in both children and adults picking up a skateboard. Construction of new skateparks across England over the past few years proves skateboarding is becoming more mainstream and acceptable in the eyes of public communities.

Indoor skateparks are essential in a place that sees its fair share of rainy days like England so it’s no surprise that there are some exceptional indoor facilities here. A world’s first multi-level skatepark recently opened in the city of Folkestone and if this is what the future of skateboarding looks like, it is safe to say it is in good hands.

If you want to know where the best skateparks are in England, we have gone ahead and compiled a list that is sure to impress every skateboarder. If there is a skatepark we didn’t mention but is worthy of this list, feel free to leave us a comment at the bottom of this article.

Best Skateparks In England

Folkestone 51 Skatepark (Folkstone)

Folkestone Skatepark is the first ever multi-level skatepark in the world! There are three different floors that offer a selection of street and transition obstacles that will cater to all types of skateboarders.

The flow floor is 650 square meters (7,000 square feet) and consists of various wooden hips, bump bumps, wallrides, waterfalls, volcanoes, a big vert wall, and skate-able pillars.

The bowl floor is all concrete and features two bowls; the first is a modern-style bowl that incorporates Burnside inspired pillars, vert and over-vert extensions, and traditional steel coping, the second is a pool-style bowl with pool coping, pool tile, hips, a shallow and deep end.

Best Skateparks In England

The street floor is 700 square meters (7,500 square feet) of wooden street obstacles. If you like to skate street or you are a beginner this is the perfect floor for you. It features stair sets, various out ledges and flat ledges, manual pads, hand rails, flat rails, bank ramps, quarter pipes, jersey barrier, hips, and gaps.

A two hour skatepark session will cost £9.00 and skateboarders must sign a waiver. Skateboards and safety equipment are also available for hire.

Hours: Mon – Fri (2pm – 10pm) Sat (10am – 10pm) Sun (10am – 8pm)
Address: Folkestone CT20 1SD

Southbank Undercroft (London)

Southbank Undercroft has been the go to spot for London street skaters since the seventies. Originally designed as an underpass walkway for pedestrians, the thoroughfare attracted skateboarders due to its skatepark-like design. More recently it was refurbished and brought back to its original glory.

The skatepark features a variety of paved banks, a concrete jersey barrier, timber sleepers used for ledges, concrete ledges, and a stair set. If you are looking to skate in London this is the most iconic skate spot there is!

Hours: 24/7
Address: 337-338 Belvedere Rd, London SE1 8XT

BAYSIXTY6 Skatepark (London)

Best Skateparks In England

BAYSIXTY6 Skatepark offers a variety of skateboarding lessons that include private, group, and also skate camps. This is a great place for beginners to sharpen their skills on the board. The facility is not just for beginners though. Experienced skateboarders can take advantage of several daily sessions from 12pm to 6pm.

There are loads of street elements that include hubba ledges, out ledges, flat ledges, manual pads, benches, stairs, flat bars, rails, rainbow rail, A-frame, pyramid, bank ramps, quarter pipes, vert wall, gaps, hips, half pipe, and a bowl. Having the skatepark conveniently located under the Westway helps when the weather isn’t great.

You’ll be please to know there is an onsite skate shop which is stocked with all the essential items needed to keep you rolling all day long.

Hours: 12pm – 9pm
Address: Bay, 66 Acklam Rd, London W10 5YU

Acton Skatepark (London)

Acton Skatepark was designed by Canvas Spaces and opened in December of 2018. Located in West London, this skatepark features a mix of street and transition elements suited for skaters of all levels.

There is a three-foot mini ramp with a bowled end that’s perfect for learning transition tricks, a-four foot quarter pipe, down rail, flat bar, granite slappy curb, stair set, euro gap, bank ramps with hips, manual pad, two identical hubba ledges, and a one-hundred foot flat ledge.

An extremely cool feature to this skatepark is the Skateboard Repair Station that includes tools you can use if you need to tweak your trucks or set up a new board. The best part is you won’t have to ask everyone at the skatepark if they have a skate tool you can borrow.

Hours: 6am – 9pm
Address:  London W3 7FT

Mount Hawk Skatepark (Mount Hawke)

Mount Hawke Skatepark was established in 1986 and is one of the longest running indoor skateparks in the country. Not only is this one of the largest indoor facilities in the South West but it also has an incredible outdoor street plaza and pump track.

This indoor skatepark is 2,200 square meters (24,000 square feet) and features an abundance of obstacles such as hubba ledges, out ledges, flat ledges, handrails, flat bars, A-frame rail, euro gaps, quarter pipes, vert wall, bank ramps, rhythm section, half pipe, flow bowl, and a backyard pool-style bowl.

The outdoor plaza is a street skaters dream with perfect flat and down ledges, rails, manual pads, quarter pipes, and a vert wall, all on silky smooth concrete.

Sessions for skateboarders under 11 yrs is £6, 11 yrs and up is £7 on weekdays and £10 weekends.

Hours: see website
Address: Waterworks, Gover House, Mount Hawke, Skatepark TR4 8BQ

Concrete Waves Skatepark (Newquay)

Newquay’s Concrete Waves Skatepark was designed by Maverick Industries and opened in 2018. The new build is an enormous upgrade from the old wooden ramps that were here previously. This new skatepark can be characterized into sections that include the street course, pool bowl, and flow bowl.

The street area includes a hubba ledge, hubba with wally on end, floating A-frame ledge, two bench ledges, box ledge, tranny ledge, flat bars, stairs, handrail, pole jam, inset manual pad, taco, euro gap, hipped bank, and a bank to jersey barrier. The flow bowl consists of a vert end, spine, waterfall, roll over, bank extension, and tear drop volcano.

If you like skating old-school style pool bowls you will be happy to know this one has all the essential features such as a deep and shallow end, pool coping, and hips.

sunrise – sunset
Newquay TR7 2LZ

Rockcity Skatepark (Hull)

Rockcity Skatepark is a 1,800 square meter (20,000 square foot) indoor facility located in the city of Hull. Established in 1994, it consists of a skate plaza, flow bowl, and rhythm section. The plaza offers a variety of obstacles including manual pads, down ledges, flat ledges, inset ledge, euro gap, stair set, rails, bank ramps, and quarter pipes. Transition skaters will enjoy the large bowl with various hips and a corner extension.

Skaters must be age 13 or older to use this skatepark and skaters under the age of 18 must wear a helmet. See Rockcity’s website for booking information. There is also an on-site skate shop that will cater to all your skateboarding needs.

Hours: Mon – Fri (9:30am – 10pm) Sat – Sun (9:30am – 7pm)
Address: Hawthorn Ave, Hull HU3 5GL

The Level Skatepark (Brighton)

The Level Skatepark is 1,400 square meters (15,000 square feet) and was refurbished by Freestyle Places in 2014. There is a good mix of street and transition elements that includes a large two-piece bowl with various depths, roll in, hips, and a banked extension.

In addition, there is a mini ramp, quarter pipes, bank ramps, hubba, out, flat, and curved ledges, manual pads, gaps, handrail, flat bar, granite slabs, pole jam, pyramid, and stair sets.

Hours: sunrise – sunset
Address: Richmond Terrace, Brighton BN2 9SY

Marple Skatepark (Marple)

Marple Skatepark opened in 2017 and is a very cool little skatepark. It has some unique design features such as the poppy gap to manual pad, ledge, and bank combo. Other elements include a pole jam, flat bar, down rail, hubba ledge, flat ledge, pyramid with a ledge, inset bank to ledge, manual pads, quarter pipes, mini ramp, spine, and banks. This skatepark is suited to all levels of skaters.

Hours: sunrise – sunset
Address: Marple, Stockport SK6 6DA

Alton Skatepark (Alton)

Best Skateparks In England

Alton Skatepark was built by Maverick Industries and its design represents what a modern street plaza should look like. The runway style layout allows skaters to easily flow from one obstacle to the next with ease.

There is an out rail, A-frame with a rail and a ledge, pole jam, floating out ledge, flat ledge, manual pad, slappy curb, volcano, pump bump, quarter pipes, and a mini ramp. It’s beginner friendly skatepark and worth a visit if you’re in the area.

Hours: sunrise – sunset
Address: Chawton Park Rd, Alton GU34 1RF

Sidmouth Skatepark (Sidmouth)

Sidmouth Skatepark is another great build from the team at Maverick Industries. With a mix of street and transition, there is something for every skater at this park. The bowl has a deep and shallow end, a nice hip, and offers the option to launch out of it and land on the bank ramp into the street course.

If you like street obstacles, there are plenty to choose from such as a stair set with two hubba ledges and a euro gap, pyramid with a wally on ledge, manual pad with a flat bar, flat ledge and flat bar combo, A-frame ledge, slappy curb, quarter pipes, and bank ramps.

Hours: sunrise – sunset
Address: Sidmouth EX10 9JA

Ramp 1 Skatepark (Warrington)

Ramp 1 is a large 6,400 square meter (50,000 square foot) indoor skatepark located in Warrington. The facility boasts a beginner skatepark, street plaza, rhythm section, and a skate-able tunnel.

The beginner skatepark consists of small quarter pipes, ledges, and rails that are perfect to build up confidence and learn beginner tricks on. Street skaters will be happy with the plaza that is Las Vegas themed and consists of a pyramid bank, handrails, out rail, flat bars, pole jam, hubba ledges, granite flat ledges, manual pad, stair sets, grass gap, jersey barrier, banks, and quarter pipes.

Parents or friends can enjoy a coffee and snacks from Grind Café while watching the action go down from the viewing areas. Ramp 1 also has free Wi-Fi and an on-site skate shop!

Hours: Mon – Fri (10am – 9pm) Sat (9am – 9pm) Sun (9am – 7pm)
Address: Penketh Business Park, Unit 1 A, Liverpool Rd, Warrington WA5 1QX

The Marsh Skatepark (Weymouth)

The Marsh Skatepark in Weymouth is brand new and ready for skaters to come and shred it. Built by Maverick Industries, it features a modern design consisting of a rhythm section, bowl with an extended pocket and spine, hips, banks, quarter pipes, long floating ledge, flat ledges, slappy curb, flat bar, handrail, and a stair set. The polished concrete here is very smooth and very fast!

Hours: sunrise – sunset
Address: The Marsh Rd, Weymouth

Phear Park Skatepark (Exmouth)

Best Skateparks In England

Phear Park Skatepark was built in 2018 and boy is it a good one! It has a nice mix of both street and transition which is perfect for all types of skateboarders. A peanut bowl with a shallow and deep end occupies one of the corners, and right next to that there is a mini ramp with an extension and bowled corner.

The street section is jam packed with obstacles such a hubba ledges, a flat ledge, A-frame with floating ledge, manual pad, volcano with manual pad, rail, flat bar, vert wall, quarter pipes, brick bank with drainage gap, and other flat banks.

Hours: sunrise – sunset
Address: 5 Brookhayes Cl, Exmouth EX8 3AD

Two Riversmeet Skatepark (Christchurch)

Best Skateparks In England

Two Riversmeet is one really nice skatepark. The street plaza design allows skaters to flow from one end to the other whilst linking tricks on multiple obstacles. A notable feature is the symmetrical floating down ledge, flat ledge, manual pad and rail combo.

There is also an A-frame with a floating ledge, pyramid, mini ramp, quarter pipes, planter, flat bar, and benches. This is one of the best plazas in the U.K. and is perfect for beginner and advanced skateboarders.

Hours: sunrise – sunset
Address: Stony Lane South BH23 1HW Christchurch

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