Skateparks are an extremely fun place for skateboarders to express themselves and skateboarders in Michigan are lucky enough to have a variety of great skateparks that include street plazas, transition parks, and numerous different bowl configurations to choose from.

Michigan’s best skateparks are designed with both beginner and advanced skateboarders in mind so all levels and types of skaters can enjoy them.

The skate scene in the “Wolverine State” is growing everyday and as the popularity of skateboarding gets bigger, the possibility of even more skateparks being built in this state becomes even more likely everyday.

For now, these are the nine best skateparks in Michigan waiting for you to skate them.

Best Skateparks In Michigan

Riverside Skatepark

Best Skateparks In Michigan

Riverside Skatepark in Detroit is 21,000 square feet and was designed and built by Grindline in 2019. There are various street elements here that include two stair sets with handrails, hubba ledge that can also be skated as an up-ledge, pole jam, wally-able flat bar, out ledge and manual pad combination, transitional manual pad, long flat bar, taco quarter pipe, slappy curb, bank-to-slappy curb, flat ledges, A-frame with a rail and bank gap, circular manual pad, bank-to-inset-ledge, numerous bank ramps, and quarter pipes. A pool-style bowl with pool coping and a shallow and deep end sits at the center of this skatepark.

This is a really nice skatepark that’s suited to all types and levels of skateboarders. If you are in the Detroit area be sure to hit this place up!

Hours: 6am – 10pm
Address: 3511 W Jefferson Ave, Detroit, MI 

Houghton Skatepark

Houghton Skatepark is one very cool facility. There is just something about skateparks that are situated on the waterfront that I personally love. Besides the aesthetics, it is always much nicer to be able to skate by the water where temperatures are often cooler.

This skatepark in Houghton measures in at 5,000 square feet and was designed by legend skatepark designers, Spohn Ranch. The skatepark which first opened in 2018 features two hubba ledges, a down rail, euro gap, stair set, flat bar, A-frame with a ledge and a rail, flat ledges, manual pad, bowled corner, quarter pipe, and a banked extension.

Fun Fact: Houghton is Michigan’s northern most skatepark!

Hours: 6am – 10pm
Address: East Houghton Waterfront Park, Houghton, MI 

Sterling Heights Skatepark

Best Skateparks In Michigan

Sterling Heights Skatepark was designed and built by the pacific northwest’s Evergreen Skateparks. This is a classic Evergreen work of art that is made for skaters who like to go fast and get creative with their lines.

There are several different types of transitions such as bowl areas, quarter pipes, hips, banks, pump bumps, pyramids, and volcanoes. As for street obstacles, you will find a flat bar, pole jam, stair set with a rail, and a stair set with two hubba ledges.

Hours: 8am – 10pm
Address: 40111 Dodge Park Rd, Sterling Heights, MI

Marquette Skate Plaza

Marquette Skate Plaza is a 9,000 square foot facility designed by Spohn Ranch. Built in 2018, it features lots of street obstacles that include hubba ledges, flat ledges, blocks, manual pads, rails, flat bars, A-frame with rails, gaps, bank ramp, and a quarter pipe with a hip.

If you enjoy skating street-style skateparks, you should be able to have some fun here. It’s also beginner friendly and a great place to learn how to skate.

Hours: 7am – 10pm
Address: 301-399 E Fair Ave, Marquette, MI

Ranney Skatepark

Ranney Skatepark is 20,000 square feet and was designed and built by Team Pain Skateparks. The design is very open which allows plenty of room for skateboarders to do there thing. There are various quarter pipes, a vert extension, five-to-nine-foot egg bowl, large pyramid with a rail and ledge, transfer gaps, pump bumps, flat ledge, flat bar, euro gap, bank ramps, and hips.

Hours: 7am – 9pm
Address: 3201 E Michigan Ave, Lansing, MI

Donald Red Geary Skatepark

Donald Red Geary Skatepark was built by Evergreen Skateparks and won the 2020 mParks Design Award. It consists of different transitions and bowl features, pool coping, pump bumps, hips, transfers, two flat bars, ledge, and pyramid.

Hours: sunrise – sunset
Address: 2024 Pinecrest Dr, Ferndale, MI

Grand Haven Skatepark

Best Skateparks In Michigan

Grand Haven Skatepark is 13,000 square feet and features really awesome views of Lake Michigan. A full-size bowl will keep transition skaters busy and the street course with obstacles such as hubba ledges, out-banks, curved corner ledge, handrail, two five-stairs, seven-stair, out ledge, flat bar, pyramid, and quarter pipes is bound to entertain street skaters.

Hours: 8am – 10pm
Address: 16 Sherman Ave, Grand Haven, MI

Ypsilanti Township Skatepark

Ypsilanti Township Skatepark was designed and built by New Line and measures 9,000 square feet. The street course is set out in the shape of a “V” with two distinct runways.

The first runway starts with a quarter pipe followed by a hubba ledge, rail, and stair set and then by an A-frame with a rail.

The second runway starts with a bank ramp followed by a flat bar, flat ledge, and manual pad to ledge combination.

Where the two runways meet, there are two different features; one is a bank ramp with a slappy curb on top, and the other is a quarter pipe obstacle with two hips.

Hours: 6am – 11pm
Address: 2000 E Clark Rd, Ypsilanti, MI

Smallenburg Skatepark

Smallenburg Skatepark is an awesome 10,000 square foot street style facility that was built by Spohn Ranch in 2011. In the middle of the plaza there is an elevated area with hubba ledges, stairs, rails, banks, and a drop. The rest of the park is made up of more hubba ledges, flat ledges, stairs, blocks, manual pad, flat bar, bank ramps, and quarter pipes.

Hours: 8am – 11pm
Address: Fairbanks Ave, Holland, MI

Ann Arbor Skatepark

Ann Arbor Skatepark measures in at 30,000 square feet and offers a mix of transition and street elements. There is a five-to-nine-foot kidney bowl, clover bowl, snake-run, and flow bowl. The street course consists of hubba ledges, stair sets, handrail, out rail, flat bar, flat ledges, out ledges, manual pad, banks ramps, quarter pipes, and skate-able boulders.

Hours: 6am – 10pm
Address: 350 N Maple Rd, Ann Arbor, MI

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